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Hello there, it’s a new challenge. Combine the emoji and make the movie name!!! It’s challenging but Fun!!

The emoji world is becoming diverse and inclusive, everybody loves to send or play with emoji. Movies second to none

The New Guess the Movie Emoji Game

Welcome to! The ultimate quiz and trivia site for the movie junkies. Do you love movies and emojis? Do you have what it takes to accept challenges and thrive? Are you proud of your analytical skills? If so, this place is for you!

What is

We at have designed a thrilling movie quiz game to test your craving for movies. There are hand-picked 12 movie genres; select one at a time, combine the emojis, and pick an answer! Sounds so simple, right?

Yes, it is. The interface of the game is so simple and straightforward; even a 6-month old kid can understand, but we dare you to try winning step by step and show us that you are a genius. Take your time, explore your mind and brain, dig deep into your movie soul, and come up with the answer combining sweet emojis.

Features and ingredients of the game:

  • A collection of over 750 movies in the database, and we update new movies each and every day!
  • The emojis are so adorable, and you won’t get bored with the emojis as we include eye-catching, innovative emojis constantly.
  • All the movies are from the top bracket of IMDB, immensely popular, and must-watch films for all die-hard movie lovers.
  • Super user-friendly interface and easily-understandable level-ups.
  • Catchy and want-to-win design.

How to play the Guess the Movie quiz?

  • Pick one movie genre as per your taste, and there are 12 categories we have listed for you. There are 8 levels from level 1 to 8. Once you answer the question by combining the emojis, you will be provided with the next question.
  • Film categories: Action, War, Super Hero, Romantic, Thriller, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Comedy, Animation.
  • Each level consists of 10 questions. If you are a real movie junkie and answer all the questions correctly, you will unlock level 2 and so on.
  • There will be a status bar under each question with percentages; once you hit the 100% mark, you will be given the results for each level.
  • If you fail the emoji movie quiz, you can always try again.

Introducing the Android app of “Guess the Movie – Combine Emojis.”

Yes, we have answered to our users with arguably one of the best emoji quiz apps. The quiz app is now available in the Google play store with more exciting additional features!

What’s in the emoji quiz Android app?

  • All the above-mentioned interesting ingredients of the PC version.
  • You can create your own profile by signing up for the game.
  • Personalized statistics and scores.
  • You have the luxury of skipping the question if it’s tough to guess and see the answers.
  • Leaderboard and Play with your colleagues.

Special note: The answers will be provided to you at the cost of a tiny little advertisement, and you can get rid of these advertisements with an in-app purchase too.

As a bunch of movie enthusiasts, we are so proud of the idea we brought in to work, and now it’s up to you to challenge your knowledge with this thrilling movie quiz game.

 It’s challenging, but it’s fun! It’s one of the best emoji movie games out there, do join the ever-growing community and showcase your skills!