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Actions movies typically come with fights, violence, frantic chases, and the Hero struggling and fighting against all the unbelievable odds. Not to mention, every time the Hero wins! These movies are full of excitement, and you are not going to get exhausted with these scenes. Over the years, thousands of top grade action movies were made; true stories, fiction, and many more.

 The interesting part is that most of the action movie names retain in our hearts forever, no matter how old or new the film may be. Names like The Dark Knight, The Fate of the Furious, Speed, Hummingbird, Walking tall, to name a few. As we said, Hero always wins, and in this genre, we are throwing challenging questions to you to be a Hero. The difficulty of the questions would increase through the process, and your real movie knowledge will be tested to the fullest same as an action movie.

 As a hint, we will be providing you questions from Agent 47, Assassins Creed, Sherlock Holmes, and many more world-renowned movies. As a Die-hard film lover, you are never expected to miss any of these movies. Isn’t it? Now it’s time to get the maximum out of your movie wisdom and become a winner with the emoji quiz game.

 We will be allowing you to see number of emojis depending on the movie name, and we make sure that all these emojis are relevant to the name of the movie rather than the slogan or motto of the film. Another important factor is that most of the movies are English, because we want this quiz game to be accessible to users all around the world.

 If you are a true movie enthusiast, it will not be a Himalayan task to win our emoji movie quiz. Are you ready to accept the challenge? Are you willing to prove you are the best? If so, download our emoji movie app and showcase your movie analytical skills.