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This is kind of new to the movie world, but we made sure we have a portion for the animation movies in our emoji movie quiz game because we know the numbers. We know how impressive these animation films are, and they are so adorable. 3D and 2D computer-generated animations have added a new dimension to the film industry. The animation usually happens because of thousands of succession of computer created images, and there are famous 3D characters born after these animation films.

Though we stated that these animation movies are somewhat new to the world, it doesn't necessarily explain that this genre is brand new. There are lots of old animation movies, but the quality we are experiencing these days came with the computer technology revolution. This again provides you a hint that the questions we have prepared are not only from modern-day films. So you will have to have quite a bit of knowledge of this category. But as we said in the fantasy section, you might find answering relatively easy given that you are a constant animation movie watcher.

Do not get lost in the emojis as they are already a sort of computer created images. You know what we mean by this statement, right? And our team does consist of a couple of die-hard animation movie enthusiasts. So, again you will be tested; and we know you read this because you have that self-belief to thrive in this section. We wish you all the best and looking forward to seeing how you are going to get through the 8 levels.

We are so proud of our newly created application, which is built for an enhanced experience with the guess the movie emoji game. We live in the 21st century, so we would love to see you participating in the emoji quiz's animation category via our mobile app.