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Oh! Yes. This is the most loved category of our list. Actually, there is nothing better than watching a comedy movie when you feel down. These films make the audience laugh through amusement, and the actors who feature in this genre generally acts only in comedy movies. The stress-releasing ability of these movies is awesome, and usually, the movie characters blend humorous effects in every action they make.

It’s quite remarkable that Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Bean made the whole world laugh without saying a word. There are thousands of comedy movies made, and once you get the touch of it, you tend to watch one after one. So, we do understand that this will be sort of an easy section for you to beat, but the number of films made in this genre would make it a little bit difficult as well. Both way, these questions are going to be super-enjoyable for you, and the emojis we picked will make you laugh throughout the game.

Not only in this comedy category, but you will also have a great time playing the emoji movie quiz game overall with our hilarious presentation of the emojis. This is one aspect we focused on covering to the highest quality, and we are confident that we did a good job in providing eye-catching emojis.

These collections of comedy movies consist of a wide range of movies. Selecting the appropriate solution from our four pre-provided answers will somewhat lead you into picking the erroneous one. The emojis are meant to be suggesting a word always and there will be few occasions you will have to dig deep and explore for the idea as well. But again, we insist that these emojis are not elaborating on the slogan of the movie.

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