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Drama Category

This is one of the best categories in our emoji movie quiz game. Ask why? Actually, it’s because of the versatility and the similarities it has to the dramas. As you most probably would know, there are micro-niches, macro-niches, and super-genre productions in this genre. So, a true drama lover is always well equipped to answer whatever the questions were thrown at them.

Inside drama, there are loads of categories, so the experience you are supposed to get is quite versatile. The feelings you are going to get are different from one to another. These dramas expand from crimes to comedies, so in the simplest forms, you are never sure what you see in a chapter.

We, as the creators of "guess the movie emoji game" (the name itself we choose brings excitement, right?) We wanted our users to guess what is coming next towards them. We mixed all types of topics inside this category in order to provide the maximum intensity, so if you are a rookie to the movie world, it's better to go through film names as much as possible before picking the questions.

Yes, that is not for the experts, of course. We fully understand the nature of an ultimate movie enthusiast because we are a bunch of film-crazy young group as well. It would be fascinating to see how you guys are facing this drama category's questions and how our tons of hours on films work in this emoji movie quiz.

Concerning the mobile app, we moved one step forward in bringing customized profiles for each of our users. The question skipping feature of it would come in handy, particularly in this category as the questions are quite versatile than the other categories. First, download the app and create a personalized account for you before starting playing as we have many value additions for our registered users.