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What are fantasy films? It's always better to have an idea of these movie types before you jump into the questions because it will give a picture of how the questions are made. So what are fantasy films? These are the films that are based on mythology, magic, supernatural events, and scenes from fantasy worlds. Fantasy films always have a sense of wonder, myth, and extraordinary to fascinate the fans.

Often there are wizards, magical looking creatures, and other elements unique to the fantasy stories. Often the hero of the movie is a normal human who fights against the abnormal creatures with or without the help of another group of fantasy world creatures to save the world. You know the story of Harry Potter, right?

So, this section of the emoji quiz that is straightforward to most of movie lovers. The biggest reason is that fantasy films are not as common as other genres, and fantasy movies are incredibly famous worldwide. Especially the younger generation knows everything about these stories, climbing the ladder of levels must not be a huge issue for you. However, you should have the capability to find the meaning of hidden emojis, and it's the challenging part; end of the day, it's another game you want to win, so challenges are inevitable.

You already know that recalling ability must be up to the mark to succeed in every section of our guess the movie emoji game. We made it somewhat easy for you by letting you know that fantasy movies are not that common. So, this might be the first category to complete out of all the eight levels, and our animation section also so similar to this. But, literally, there will be nothing available without any effort, so be ready to accept the challenge and thrive.

You can watch the video embedded on the website's home page to figure out how our guess the movie emoji game works, and there we have provided a dedicated article as well.