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Deceptive faces often have horror side hidden inside them; this statement 100% applicable to our emojis in this section. Horror movies are something that has a tendency to increase blood pump, increase heart rate, and anxiety throughout the watch time. There were some top-graded horror movies released in recent years, and there are loads of old classics still rank high in IMDB too. It’s a debatable situation, though, because not everyone love horror movies, but it’s a must-have genre in your film armory if you are a true movie lover.

So, answering questions of this section would determine whether you are an all-around fan of the film industry, and it will obviously suggest you are a brave-hearted person as well. Our team ran across hundreds of high-grade horror movies and hand-picked some of the best-known films. Our selection includes movies from the old days and the brand new releases as well. There will be no horror attached to answering these questions. That is something we can assure you. However, you will be terrified of your knowledge of horror movies if you fail, and you should too.

Over the years, we have seen so-called film lovers avoid horror movies, and we can’t assume why? Simply because they are so magnificently produced; and the quality of the final outcome is always superb. We know you are here inside of this category of the emoji quiz game is for a reason. We know you have that strong heart to participate and win the quiz, and we value your effort.

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