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Romantic Movies

 Frankly speaking, when a romantic movie hits you, it stays hit for a prolonged period of time. Is that only me or you as well? I think it’s a game with feelings. The huge number of worldwide audiences can’t be wrong. Even we replicate some of the characters from these movies. It’s that much of a remarkable film genre that is loved by everyone. Age, race, religion, these are just useless words when it comes to love.

 If you notice, you could see that majority of these films are made based on “love at first sight” and there are different categories of love. Be it spiritual love, forbidden love, romantic love, sexual love, you just name it. There are tailor-made films as per your taste.

 That’s exactly what we aimed for while building the questions for this genre in our guess the movie emoji game. In this category, you will have to find answers to various types of romantic movies. So, the inner lover of your soul would be examined thoroughly. From the 1st question of level 1 to the last question of level 8, there are loads of adorable film names.

 Please do not get confused with the lookalike film names that we provided in the four answers; roll your eyeballs twice on the emojis. We claim it’s one of the most challenging emoji movie games for movie crazy people. So be vigilant, take a deep breath, and take the maximum out of the recalling abilities. However, you can try again and again if your first attempt does go in vain. We will be providing questions in a rotation mode, so don’t expect us to provide the same question over and over again.

 You are challenged, my dear, and we know you are a true movie lover who doesn’t accept the defeat no matter what. Show us your love by downloading the emoji quiz app at the play store.