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Sci-Fi, or the science fictions, is the films made based on imaginary science-based depictions that are not confirmed as true by mainstream science. However, these movies are just fantastic; the technology used to produce these films makes the scenes look like the story is actual and real. Even it is in existence from the early days of silent cinema, and a film called “A trip to the moon” came in 1902, and you know what has happened in 1969. Once a science fiction movie can become a reality in one day, it’s the beauty of these movies.

This genre has a strong fan base all around the world, and Hollywood filmmakers dominate the industry. As movie enthusiasts, we never miss sci-fi films, right? We do know that the story cannot be happening in the world right now, but in inside we think, “hey, how would it be if this happened in the future.” We are truly in love with this topic, and we found it impossible to omit Sci-fi films from our questions.

So, what are you going to face in this category? Simple, nothing different from the other topics; excitement and intensity would be provided to you with hot sci-fi film names. Our guess the emoji game designers had a quite gripping time searching appropriate emojis for this topic and came up with a superb and competitive set of emojis. You would not sneak through the questions unless you are a guru.

Your fiction must be correct when it comes to answering the questions, and to be honest, this is one topic we created taking a number of aspects into consideration. So, we are super excited to see how a die-hard film fan handles this section of our guess the movie quiz.

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