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Super Heroes are awesome; on a personal note, I love Super Man; who is yours? Not all superheroes wear capes, though. There are notable superhero films made in the film industry. All are focused on one special character that always has an extraordinary skill or superhuman power to help or protect the public. These films' commercial value is humongous, and the fan base is quite remarkable all over the world. The majority of the films are produced in the USA, but the genre's popularity has resulted in many new films outside Hollywood. Another significant point is that most of these fans are teenagers, and if you are a teenager, you have a slight edge on this section. However, no one hates super hero films, why would they?

Superman, Iron man, Batman Forever, Green Hornet is some of the world-famous production we saw over the years. In our 8 levels, you are going to come across most of the top-notch superhero movies and nothing there to get frustrated if you a true follower of these superhero movies because nothing beside top fan-rated movies included.

Though these characters' powers are a secret and hard to understand, hidden meanings of our emojis are super easy to figure out, given you are a film, crazy person. Actually, in the first place, we suppose you would not find this amazing emoji quiz game on the internet if you are not a movie lover.

 Yes, not all heroes wear capes. Nevertheless, wear your cape and become a superhero by winning the quiz. Take your time, we are not running the game on a clock, ask a friend, put your thinking hat on, or even you can browse the internet with the hints we provided. It may seem as a walk in the park at the initial levels, but you will need all your super powers to complete all the levels successfully.

 You know the drill, right? Download the app from the Google play store and jump into the game!