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Also known as suspense movies, thrillers are kind of movies that evoke excitement in the audience's hearts. It's not an easy task to direct a film to blend thrilling experience to the fans, and when you find a thriller movie, usually it's always amazing and a blockbuster. The same can be said for our movie quiz game as well.

In these films, the hero or a group of brave-hearted people usually go behind a mystery facing unthinkable obstacles. The suspense of your mind would be exploited in each and every scene; the fearsome thrilling scenes that these films are bringing are just out of the world. This genre is a hybrid of categories on most of the occasions, like romantic-thriller, action-thriller, likewise.

Now you would think what the connection between thriller movies and emoji quiz game is. Actually, the thrill you are going to get one after another question is quite the same as a thriller movie. You always want to score 10 out of 10 to obtain the next level. The start of the game would go just like the start of a movie on calm seas. Once you grow up the levels, the excitement would be unavoidably increased. You will get a sense that you cannot lose the game now; you will scrape every bit of detail stored inside your brain to answer the emoji movie quizzes.

 Isn't that the bottom line you expect from a game? It's what we have to offer you as well. This combination seems to be working superbly with our users, and the reviews we had over time have confirmed it. So, why won't you give a proper try by downloading the app? Or even you can play it on your PC, too, by logging in to

The way we have formatted our questions and emojis in this category would check whether you are an expert on thrilling movies or not. It's free to download, free to use, and free to experience the thrill as well!