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 No war is enjoyable. But, the same cannot be said for war-based movies, though. It's a no brainer to explain how much of a sense of anticipation these movies bring to us. Typically, these movies are built around escapes, survival, sacrifices, combat, and human issues. Particularly, 20th-century movie makers had a huge interest in making war films. The theme may be based on true stories, fiction, dramas, or historical wars, etc. Everyone knows how many films were made on world wars, and to date, we are thrilled to watch an old war movie irrespective of the year it released.

Movies like Braveheart, World Invasion, Act of Valor, and The Ghazi Attack are such movies that every movie enthusiast love. In this section of quiz, we are challenging you for a real-life war to win but with your knowledge. The four answers we provide you will have the win for your war, and the intensity of the questions obviously would be raised as you win the battles.

If you are a specialized in war films, then you know how the battle spans throughout the movie. We have hand-picked some amazing all-time favorite movies to keep you intact with the game. Yes, our emojis are cute and catchy, so does the hero of a war film. But the tactics he/she poses are unimaginable for most viewers, and it's the same with our questions. Mark our words, it's no joke, you will be tested gradually, only the fittest of the fittest can survive with our questions!

Now we think you are pumped to win the battle, and we are pumped as well to see how far you can go in the 8 levels we have. You know how to join the game, right? If not, download our mobile app via the play store, create your own account, and start playing. Also, you can explore the game at www.emojiquizzes.com and play without registering. However, by downloading and creating an account, you will have your stats and leaderboard visible, allowing you to determine your movie expertise.